Posted by: kam6761 | February 2, 2008


So, I’m not sure if I have already mentioned that Namibia is in its rainy season right now. By rainy season, I mean it rains virtually every day… all day. The rain was so bad this past week that half of the buildings at my school were flooded out, which meant we had to consolidate classes together and I was teaching 75 Grade 6 learners each day (not fun, believe me).

This also means that driving is difficult, considering the road between our village and the nearest town is not paved. The past two days it hasn’t rained so we attempted the trek into Oshakati (successfully, but let me continue!). We piled into the back of a covered pick up truck with 5 people already inside (plus extra tires and various other random items). It actually wasn’t that uncomfortable, but as the ride went on we picked up more and more passengers, and had 11 people in the back by the end. So, there we were, crammed like sardines into the back of this truck, and lo and behold the road to Oshakati is CLOSED! The road was blocked and guards were there to ensure nobody got through, but our driver was determined. Just as we thought we were going to have to turn around and drive back to the village, our driver VEERED off the road into a giant puddle. And, let me clarify, I use the word puddle because I do not know what else to call it. A more apt term would probably be temporary lake. I have no idea how we made it through. The water was almost up to the windows and the “puddle” was about as long as several Olympic sized swimming pools. Miraculously, we made it through and I am now writing to you from the comfy seat of an internet café in Oshakati. And while I’m on the subject of water, I should probably mention a related and ironic problem of ours: no running water! As of yesterday morning, the water in our house just stopped working. We thought nothing of it at first because the water in our house will regularly stop working for several hours, but as of this morning we’re beginning to think there might be a bigger problem. I’m hoping that it is somehow working when we get home later, so I’ll keep you updated. I should also mention that I’d like addresses so that I can send love from Namibia! If you don’t want to leave your address as a comment, just sent it to my email at I am missing everyone terribly but am still in good spirits. We are actually headed to a Portugese restaruant right now to meet up with a few WorldTeach and PeaceCorps volunteers, which should be fun. Talk to you soon!



  1. I tried to leave this comment on Dan’s blog, but am currently having problems.

    So the question is…what is worse, no electricity or no water? We have debated this here.

    I have just been told about both your blogs. I love reading them. Your experiences (and writings) are really thought provoking.

    Writing is wonderful. Keep it up, Kathryn.

    Peter Tao

  2. Wow. How you ever cope the the continuing learner problems blows my mind. The language problem seems insurmoutable. Poor children can’t do well if the previous teachers did not address the ones who don’t understand and give them extra time. You really need the patience of a saint to deal with it. AND WITCHES!!! I feel so sorry for that little girl.
    You will have alot of fun baking a cake the size of a head. Your love of sweets is an asset there. All children love baked goods, especially home made ones. I sure missed you on Easter Sunday. Most of the desserts went uneaten. I told PopPop that if you had been here they would have been devoured post Easter Sunday with GUSTO.
    Keep up the good work. We wait for the next chapter anxiously. Love to you and Dan. Gam.

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