Posted by: kam6761 | February 8, 2008


So our third week of teaching just ended and I’m in really high spirits! I did a speaking activity with my classes today and explained to them that we need to encourage each other and recognize when someone does something well (in much simpler English, of course!). When the first pair came up to present, I was the only one to clap at the end, but soon after the whole class caught on and loved the routine. A pair would go up and speak and at the end everyone would be clapping and cheering. This encouraged even the generally shy students to get up and speak, and many learners wanted to go up multiple times. I’ve also been impressed with how quickly the kids caught on to my “quiet signal.” At first I would have to say “Raise your hand if you’re listening” and wait for nearly a minute before every learner was quiet, but at this point I’m down to silently raising my hand and waiting a matter of seconds before a hush falls over the room. In other news, I look like a tomato right now. Nobody told me that I would have to supervise athletics yesterday after school (in fact the school day ended early for this event, but nobody told me that school was ending early either!), so I was not wearing sunscreen and was not prepared for sitting out for hours in the blistering hot African sun. I didn’t even think about it at the time because I got so caught up in cheering my team on (we lost), but I think I’ll be keeping some sunscreen in my bag for the future. Speaking of tomatoes, Dan and I are headed to the SOS club for pizza. We’re going to pick up the package that Dan’s Mom sent (it couldn’t make it to Omungwelume because of how terrible the road conditions were last week, so we are picking it up here in Oshakati), do some grocery shopping, and then treat ourselves to a yummy dinner. Tomorrow we are headed to Okahao to visit our friend, Irene, who is having a Chinese New Year party. A lot of the volunteers will be there so it will be fun to catch up. I’ve written some postcards and will be sending them out soon, so if you’ve given me your address you can expect something in your mailbox pretty soon (or in like a month, depending on how efficient the Namibian postal system is…so probably a month!).



  1. Hi Kathryn: we continue to enjoy your weekly updates along with dan’s and have really enjoyed the photos too. hope to find a way to get to africa in ’08…right now we are planning trip to chile, argentina, peru to climb some more mountains but i want to try kilimanjaro…so fingers crossed! love, Elizabeth and David

  2. Ms. Morrison! How is it that I only just now found out about this blog? I hear that Dan also has one but I don’t know where to find it. Can you please help me out with that?

    ALSO, SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS!!! I can’t begin our epic correspondence if I have nothing to write on the envelope.

    Reading all these posts at once was really nice. It sounds like you really are adapting well.

    I miss you so much.

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