Posted by: kam6761 | April 18, 2008

To Kill a Chickenbird

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Yes, I know chickenbird is not a word. However, if the post was entitled “To Kill a Chicken,” many of you would have missed my clever allusion. For those of you who still don’t get it, I suggest you brush up on your classic young adult fiction titles.

A few weeks ago, we mentioned to the kids that it might be nice if we cooked a traditional Owambo meal for Daniel’s parents, and the kids were absolutely delighted. The traditional meal that is served to guests here is a dish called Owambo chicken, which I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews of, and today the plans were set in stone. I gave Paulina N$40 to buy two chickens and Mekondjo N$10 to buy the ingredients for ojove oil, which is apparently an absolutely delectable sauce. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to help prepare these chickens, which I’m guessing will make for a really interesting post in the coming weeks. A memorable quote from today:

Me: Who will kill the chicken?
All of the kids (responding as if I had asked them who wanted a million dollars): MEEE! ME! MISS KATHRYN!!! MEEEEEE!!! (Meameno actually miming twisting the chicken’s neck)

So, another thing to add to the list of the things that the kids here love: mopping our floor, washing our clothes, cleaning our yard, taking tests, and slaughtering chickens. What could possibly be next?



  1. Kathryn,
    This may be the most celebrated and anticipated chickenbird ever in this Tao family’s history!
    While you may not enjoy it yourself, Kathryn, just know that it will make us very happy and proud of you for how you are loving those children.

  2. I must admit, you’ve toughened up. The Kathryn who left last December wouldn’t hurt a fly (literally) and the new Kathryn is slaughtering poor chickens. Well, this is one story I won’t share with Brennan…

    I hope your vacation was fun, please send an update on your sightings soon. I hope that your visit with the Taos is wonderful—enjoy the package we sent you!

  3. What ever happened to that rooster you wrote about in your initial posts…I wonder how roosters taste in Owambo sauce… 🙂

  4. Reminds me of an experience when I travelled to China in 1979 with my mom.
    We visited a friend of hers to have lunch at their home.
    I had noticed chickens doing what they do in courtyard in front of the building.
    While having lunch and with chopsticks in our hands bringing the “chicken” to our mouths, our hosts grandson came running in asking where his “pet” (the chicken he always fed) was.
    The grandma looked at us, then with her eyes motioned to the plate of chicken we were putting in our mouths.
    That chicken was both an honor to have been saved for us, but also an emotional one at that!

  5. gaaaahhhh i heard about this!! and i saw videos too! i’m not sure if this was the same…time, but at once point all your kids were singing around a table. was this before the Owambo chicken dinner? i can’t remember – but it was cute, regardless.

    but i can’t wait to actually READ about the whole experience…!!!

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