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As I had mentioned before, when the Taos visited they brought many wonderful things. I think I just mentioned the things for the children before, but the truth is that WE got many wonderful things as well. Although I would be tempted to say my favorite of these things was the Girl Scout Cookies they sent (in two weeks we’ve already eaten 2 of the 4 boxes… yes, we are pigs), I must admit that the greatest of the gifts was the rolling cart that they brought. I know, I know, it doesn’t sound very exciting… but trust me, it is. Our quality of life has SKYROCKETED. We used to spend weekend trips into Oshakati carrying around heavy, cumbersome bags (for those of you that have forgotten, we need to travel into Oshakati every week to buy food). We would purchase the things on our shopping list until the bags were so heavy that we felt our fingers would fall off, and then we would call it a day.

BUT NOW…. NOW, my dear friends, THINGS HAVE CHANGED. Equipped with our handy dandy rolling cart AND the backpacks that the Taos so generously bought for us, life is different. We can buy all the items on our shopping list… and more. Yesterday we purchased three bottles of wine, not because we even plan on drinking that much wine in a week, but just because WE COULD. And, just so that you guys don’t think that this cart has turned us into alcoholics, I will also mention that we were able to buy an ENTIRE CASE of skim milk (the milk we buy is that long life crap, and it has always been difficult for us to buy it in bulk, because a case is so heavy). At the risk of boring you to death, I will now stop talking about our rolling cart, but I would just like to say that the rolling cart is the greatest invention that man has created. Forget rocket ships and automobiles, computers and sliced bread– think ROLLING CART.

I wish I could say that I had much more to say, but the truth is that I don’t. Things with the bazaar are not really progressing, due to a lack of enthusiasm and participation from the teachers, but hopefully that will change this week. I’m guessing one of my next blog posts will have a lot more to say about this.

Finally, we are about to head to Ondangwa to visit a group of fellow volunteers. One of our good friends is coming up to visit from Windhoek, so it will be really nice to see her. This weekend is actually a three day weekend for us as well (no, not for Memorial Day!! But who knows, it could be, considering all the calendars just mysteriously state “Public Holiday” for the 26th and nobody can actually tell me what it’s for!), so we’re visiting with friends today and tomorrow, and then hopefully we’ll spend Monday relaxing at home. More realistically, we’ll probably spend Monday playing baseball and begging the girls to stop cleaning our house.



  1. Two weeks for two boxes of Girl Scout Cookies? Heck, those wouldn’t last four days at my house – you guys are far from pigs 🙂

    You must take a picture of you guys pushing the grocery-laden rolling cart, since it brings you such joy.

  2. I really got a laugh about the rolling cart. Nana has had one for years.

  3. Kathryn: I am overjoyed that you are enjoying the simple pleasures in life. I am glad that your rolling cart gathers no moss but lots and lots of milk and wine – that is a most curious combo? I suspect you line your stomach with milk and cookies and then celebrate your happiness with the wine! This Sunday’s NYTimes had a good blurb. Warren Buffett is at it again. His son Peter runs a foundation, Novo, that has just been endowed with $1 billion to help adolescent girls’ chances of staying in school in developing countries, including Ethiopia and Kenya. Novo has also paired up with out local Nike Foundation – “When you affect a girl’s life, you affect a lot more than the girl.” On a trip to Bangladesh, Peter and his wife Jennifer saw how one girl was able to stay in school longer becuase she could pay her school fees and her brother’s by selling crops from a field she planted with money from Nike. They have also unveiled a new we site: check it out and keep up the god work as you are part of the solution! Hugs, Aunt E.

  4. i agree with lauren – i want to SEEEE you rolling your rolling cart!!! 🙂

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