Posted by: kam6761 | June 17, 2008


After writing the post about Elifas, I realized that taking the time to talk about the individual people that touch my life here both interests everyone at home and promises to serve as a really good memory when I look back on this blog in the future. Therefore, I want to write about Set-Son, one of the boys that just touches my heart for reasons I can’t quite fully express.

He is the son of two teachers at my school (which I didn’t learn until nearly the end of the first term!), and I  think that explains why he is so well behaved. He gets some of the best marks in his class (I know because I am his homeroom teacher, and I had the pleasure of compiling all of their report cards last term!), is class captain, and never causes trouble. As if that weren’t reason enough to love him, he is always escorting me to school.

Each morning I leave my house and make a 10 minute trek through the sand up to the main road (I say main, but really it’s the ONLY road, but whatever!). I’m not exactly sure where Set-Son lives, but he also must walk through the same stretch of land to get to school. If Set-Son is ahead of me on the walk there, he will stop and wait for me to catch up so that we can walk together. I always know if he is behind me because I hear the pitter patter of running feet towards me. I spend most mornings walking to school with him, and it touches my heart each time I hear him running to join me on my morning walk. We spend the walk talking about anything and everything—today it was white Africans (albinos), other days he has told me about how he hunts for birds and watches his family’s farm animals. He is always talkative, sweet, and pleasant. I should also mention that he is the learner that gave me cookies on Valentine’s Day (you know, and one of them had a bite out of it?!?).

Every time I see him it brightens up my day, and being as he walks me to school almost every day and I am his homeroom and BIS teacher, you can imagine how bright my days are!



  1. that is so so so sweet that he walks you to school!!! what a charmer 🙂

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