Posted by: kam6761 | September 20, 2008

Trauma Drama and Doom

Things have been busy with Bingo. It’s been two weeks and, although the accidents have become fewer and far between, he’s still trying to figure out the whole potty training thing.

Since getting Bingo, Meameno has been coming by much more often. We got Bingo from Meameno’s family and it’s really obvious that she misses him. Outside of our gate there’s a pile of bricks for a house that is being built nearby, and it’s not uncommon to see her just sitting on the bricks, just waiting to see Bingo. We’ve tried to give her a lot of time with him and always let her hold him and play with him when she’s over. The problem is that we’ve found her to be a bit too rough with him. She often pokes and prods him in a way that (I suppose?) is meant to be playful, but just makes him whimper or growl and try to run away as fast as he can… kinda like Elmira, for those of you that remember that Tiny Toons show. Anyway, despite all this, we decided to let her try her hand at dogsitting yesterday.

We were headed into Oshakati to do shopping and some of our friends invited us to meet up for lunch, and we figured having Bingo out with some kids to play with would be better than having him sit in a dark hallway for hours on end. We told Meameno to come and pick him up at 10am—she was so excited that she showed up at 7:45. We did our errands in town and spent an hour or so at lunch with our friends, and then we all headed back together for a board game night and sleepover in our village. We told Meameno we would be home around 3 or 4, and she brought him back promptly at 4, but Bingo didn’t look right.

He seemed really lethargic and his eyes looked a bit swollen, and then I noticed that the one eye was completely bloodshot. Meameno insisted she didn’t know what happened to him, and we figured that maybe the dust from outside had bothered him or something. By this morning, we realized that wasn’t the case. His eye was less bloodshot all around but still had a ring of blood around the iris, and his other eye was starting to look cloudy.

It was a sad ending to our sleepover with friends, which had gone swimmingly, but we decided to take Bingo in for an emergency visit to a vet in Oshakati. I went into our guest bedroom to change into jeans, and as I pulled them off of the shelf a cloud of mosquitoes shot out. Our friend Irene had slept in that room and had asked us before going to bed if she could open the window. Although we are generally incredibly anal about keeping our house totally sealed up, we figured it was September (and therefore not prime mosquito season) and we were hogging the fan, so it wasn’t really fair to expect our poor friends to suffer in the heat sans-fan. Talk about a BAD DECISION. There were literally hundreds of mosquitoes in every crack and crevice in the room. We decided to try out this “Doom Destoyer” machine we bought when we first arrived, which to this point we haven’t actually needed to use. You plug it into the wall and put a “destroyer mat” into this little slot, and then it apparently works magic.  We had to leave for the vet, so we figured it was all we had time for at that point.

Our friend Irene was kind enough to drop us at the vet, and it turned out the guy was really nice and seemed pretty knowledgeable. Bingo was a fantastic patient and didn’t whine or yap a bit. He sat quietly for all the prodding and even through 2 shots, which the vet forewarned were painful! He told us the eye received “some trauma” and that it looked like someone had poked or hit him there. Although we were relieved it wasn’t some terrible and incurable disease, we were really disappointed in hearing that it probably resulted in some sort of negligence or abuse on the part of our dogsitter. We know Meameno wouldn’t hurt him on purpose, but it’s bothersome that she either doesn’t know what happened to him or knows and isn’t telling us.

After leaving the vet’s Bingo was out cold. We walked to the grocery store, shopped, and then walked to the hike point home—he drooled and slept through it all. He slept until we were on the truck on the hike home, and luckily he seemed a bit more like himself.* The medicine already seems to have kicked in, and he both looks and acts more like himself.

Anyway, once we got home I prepared Bingo an “I’m sorry I gave you to someone that gave you eye trauma” lunch, which consisted of 2 eggs, a slice of turkey lunch meat, and a slice of bacon. Us people had fried egg sandwiches and then Dan set to work as “Mosquito Destroyer.” He went into the guest room wearing sunglasses, a shirt tied around his mouth, a shoe in one hand, and spider killer spray in the other. The spray listed like 10 insects that it killed, so we figured it was worth a shot. He ventured forth into the room and closed the door, and what I heard next sounded something like this:
“Oh my Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!”
*smack smack smack smack smack* (sound of shoe killing mosquitoes)
*shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhh* (sound of spraying spider killer)
*smack smack smack smack smack*
*smack smack smack smack smack smack*
“OH COME ON!!!!!!!!!”
*smack smack shhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhh smack smack smack*
“Yeah take that!” smack “and that!” smack “and that!” (maniacal laughter)

I should mention that interspersed in the above dialogue was a string of curse words, which should mean something to anyone who knows Dan. In the 7 years I’ve known him, I think I could count on my hands the number of times he has ever said a curse word. This itself should illustrate how serious the problem was! The mosquitoes perched on the ceiling were so large in number that the roof looked spotted, each time you went to touch something in the closet a cloud of mosquitoes would shoot out, but there were still a slew of dead mosquitoes lying on the floor. The Doom thing was actually working and combined with Dan’s master mosquito killing skills, the problem is already much better.

We’re soaking our mosquito net in permethrin, which Dan’s Mom thankfully got us before we left, so hopefully we’ll sleep without being eaten alive tonight. If necessary, we have tons of insect repellent that both my parents and Dan’s parents have graciously given to us. Did I mention it rocks having wonderful parents and parent-in-laws?

*This means he was gnawing at our hands and feet relentlessly. The day before we took him to the vet, when he was a sleepy puppy, I was worried sick but also cherished having him cuddled up on my lap without trying to claw or bite my limbs off. I guess it’s how he plays, and I suppose love sometimes hurts, but GEEZ! It’s for this reason that we bought Bingo a small variety of dog and baby toys (there wasn’t a huge selection of dog toys, but there were some hard plastic baby toys we figured would do, so we bought them). As of yet, he still prefers to gnaw our hands off.



  1. Oh how sad, Bingo had a questionable Doggy sitter. By now he should be on the road to recovery. We saw the movies today at your parents home and it seems Mom had her dream come true, she saw oodles of Giraffes. We loved the party at your house with all the children and the Happy Birthday song to Dad. We hear you baked an awesome cake for him.
    Ella is adorable. By the time you come home , she will be alert and sociable. Brennan is a very good big brother and helps Michelle with bringing diapers etc. He loves her.

  2. OOPS forgot about the mosquitoes, how awful. Years ago at my Nana’s house on Staten Island we had huge mosquitoes in the Summer time and even though there were screens on the windows, they managed to get in and we were eaten alive by the buggers. Then when I did my Psychiatric training in Central Islip, Long Island, it was Summer time and we were inundated with mosquitoes every night for 3 months. I used enough spray to kill me but they kept on coming. No screens on the dorm windows. Sure was enough to make us as crazy as the patients.I hope all have been taken to their eternal reward by Dan the exterminator.

  3. Ouuch! I’m already iching.
    I guess we will no longer complain when we get a few mosquito bites here in St. Louis while gardening.
    Bravo, Daniel. Swat away.
    But can you imagine being a bug where I would suspect no one wanted you alive?

  4. this made me lol-L (laugh out loud…LITERALLY!!!) haahahaha but seriously. i love picturing daniel charging into the room with eyes and mouth covered… then laughing hysterically at all the death he’s causing.

    so….sheesh. all those mosquitos…that sounds absolutely HORRENDOUS. i’m so sorry. i’m glad a lot of them are dead now though.

    and aahhh i’m glad bingo’s okay too 🙂 it’s sooo pitiful to hear about pets having injuries 😦 oh and by the way those pictures of him are a-dor-a-ble! 🙂

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