Posted by: kam6761 | October 24, 2008

A Fantastic Surprise

On Saturday Daniel and I were walking through the village when we heard a man shouting: “HEY! YOUR BOXES!” We were walking by the post office and the guard had seen us and wanted to tell us to come to take our packages. The woman went rummaging around and then lifted one…then two… then three boxes! It felt like Christmas.

We trekked home through the unbearable heat and arrived home, so excited we barely greeted Bingo and hurried inside. Our parents had sent us tons of goodies, and tons of goodies for the kids as well! My Mom has been busy since she’s been home, searching for super sales and figuring out any way she can to spoil the kids here. I mentioned that Cinderella and Barbie books are in high demand in the library, so my Mom sought out whatever memorabilia she could find—stickers, books, pajamas! She sent two really beautiful Princess storybooks for Meameno and Paulina, six pairs of tiny pajamas for the adorable little girls that come to visit us, and tons of pictures from their visit in the village for the children. I couldn’t wait. I immediately began wrapping and planning and packing things up into a bag to take around the village. We went to Paulina’s house to drop off her book, the pajamas for Joy (a 2 year old little girl that absolutely fell in love with my Mom when they were here), and the pictures for all the children from that house that had been at the party for my parents. I chose a pair of Barbie and a pair of Cinderella pajamas for Joy, and everyone in the house literally began clapping when she opened them. Everybody was so excited and Joy had the cutest smile on her face as I held the clothes up to her.

We trekked around trying to find all the kids to hand out pictures and did the best we could. We also stopped at Queenie’s house, who I’ve mentioned is the cutest little girl in this village, this country, and probably all of this continent (I can’t expand it to the world, because that would include Rachel, Chloe, and Ella, and we all know that those are the cutest girls in the world). We gave Queenie two pairs of pajamas and another little girl, Iyaalo, a pair. I explained t hat they were pajamas, but they came to visit two hours later, in the hot afternoon sun, sporting their long sleeved new princess pajamas. It was for sure one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Iyaalo looked so proud of her pajamas and was proudly showing them off. Queenie was too young to understand how cool the pajamas were, but she looked adorable in them nonetheless.


We realized that the boys hadn’t received any special gifts, but my Mom HAD sent a TON of Faulkner t-shirts, which by the way are the hottest fashion item in the Omungwelume Fashion Scene these days (and I’m not even kidding, people we don’t even know beg us for them). The smallest size that exists is an adult small, so we gave our most common boy visitors each a small t-shirt. They looked like shirts on the bigger boys, but were more like dresses on the two smaller boys, Bongi and Mbumbu. I wondered as they left in their “Faulkner dresses” whether they would actually wear them, but Bongi came the next morning to visit wearing his longer-than-the-knees shirt proudly.


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