Posted by: kam6761 | November 10, 2008

The Lain is Laining!

Yes, it is true, the lain is laining (I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before that every R becomes an L here!). It’s fantastic because the weather has cooled down (we haven’t even used the fan to sleep the past few nights), but our little puppy is not so happy about the change in weather. At this point Bingo is an outside dog. We leave him out while we’re at school and most of the time he sleeps outside. This makes our lives easier and he is much happier. Unfortunately, the rain is a bit dangerous for dogs. When the sand becomes wet little worms called etiti come out and burrow themselves into whatever unsuspecting bystanders they can. Being as we don’t stand outside in the rain, I didn’t know about these things until two weeks ago when we noticed a bump on Bingo that seemed to be growing. The kids knew exactly what it was and Nelson actually extracted the little worm, which was then not so little from gorging on Bingo for several days. Because of these worms (and also because wet dogs are gross) we have decided to keep Bingo inside when it’s rainy/raining out. He is NOT a fan of this. At this point he knows when we call him into the hallway that we’re going to lock him in there, so he absolutely refuses to go in. This morning I was playing tug-of-war with him with one of his toys while slowly pulling him towards the hallway. He was holding on as tight as he could to the toy until we got to the door to the hallway, and then he completely released his grip. He then led me on a chase around our living room and kitchen area, as he hid under chairs and then darted out as I got close. I finally got him into the hallway and it was the saddest thing listening to his whimpers as I left the house.

The rain, surprisingly, has not decreased our number of visitors. Yesterday we had kids running over IN THE RAIN with no umbrellas to visit. The day was yucky and it made me think of my childhood and how whenever it snowed and I went to play outside my Mom would make me hot chocolate when I came in.* So, as I looked at the kids, a bit soggy from running over, I decided to make them all hot chocolate. They had never had hot chocolate and they were so excited about it. There were no marshmallows, but luckily they don’t know that hot chocolate generally comes with those (I can only imagine how indignant I would have been as a little kid if my Mom gave me hot chocolate with NO marshmallows!). Dan mentioned later that he had really felt like they were our children and I have to agree that, although I actually do feel that way A LOT of the time these days, there was something special about sharing a rainy day with them. One of the cuter moments was when Penexupifo found the scary skull Halloween mask, put it on (keep in mind she was wearing all pink and was the smallest of our visitors), and then ran around the house roaring at the bigger kids. Somehow she actually managed to scare a few of them, but in general it was adorable to just watch how desperately she was trying to seem menacing.

My last update is that I took several hours yesterday to take down and label our photos. I thought we would only be giving away pictures of ourselves and maybe our parents, but it turns out that the kids want photos of ANYONE—one kid has already asked for a picture of Dan’s grandfather. I kept most of them down but put the “more important” ones back up– our families and any Christmas photos we have. The Christmas photos are getting me excited for home (only a bit over 5 weeks now!) and it was really cute to see the kids point to the photos and then point out where the photo had previously been positioned.

Now it’s Monday, which means only 4 more days with my learners in the classroom…

*A funny sidenote to this story is that it was such a ritual for me that I believed it was this way for EVERYONE. One day Dan and I were talking about snow days and I mentioned how I loved drinking hot chocolate when I went inside. I was seriously shocked when he said his Mom didn’t make him hot chocolate after he played in the snow. You’d think at 23 years old I would have more common sense!


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