Posted by: kam6761 | December 1, 2008

Queenie (old post)

[I neglected to dutifully upload this post when it was written, so it’s going up now, a couple of weeks late. -Dan]

She’s so Excited, she just can’t hide it…

Exams have started! This means a lot less work AT school, but a lot more work AFTER school. A lot of the learners have begun following me home, and Fransina (who is essentially one of our neighbors and comes from the same house as Queenie!) always stops home to pick up Queenie before coming over.

As usual, it’s always a pleasure to have Queenie over. She is one of the happiest, least fussy little kids I’ve ever seen. However, her family has recently begun potty training her. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but as far as I can tell it means letting her pee her pants. Last Friday I was doting on her, picking her up and flying her in the air, watching her squeal with delight. As I brought her down the last time and rested her on my hip, I realized I had gotten her a little bit too excited. She peed A LOT… ALL OVER ME. I wasn’t angry but was concerned about getting her changed and was a bit shocked when her “caretakers” (albeit they are 11 year olds) insisted she didn’t need to change, and then proceeded to pick her up as if she wasn’t covered in urine. Queenie came over again today and, although she didn’t relieve herself on ME this time, she decided that my house is in fact a giant toilet. First she went in the kitchen. Fransina kindly mopped up after her. Not even 15 minutes later she went in the common area, and decided to “help” by taking a rubber ball and using it to “clean up” the mess. After the second time I insisted that they take her home to change her, despite the fact that Queenie didn’t seem to care AT ALL that she was covered in her own filth. She continued to toddle around the house, screeching with glee and in as high spirits as ever. I guess having a baby relieve herself on your floor isn’t the greatest thing in the world, but it does mean I get my floors mopped for me, so I don’t think I’m going to complain.




  1. where is the post about when you are coming home? did I miss it somewhere?

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