Posted by: kam6761 | May 14, 2009

Namibian Dreams Stars

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to the people who have gone above and beyond in order to help Namibian Dreams:

1. Both of my sisters– Michelle took the time to pass out letters to the 70 families that attended her son’s preschool, not to mention she’s been spreading the word through Facebook, work, and personal connections. My younger sister, Christine, has been helping me raise awareness for our fundraiser this Sunday, not to mention she has gotten two of her friends to donate. Thanks to the best sisters ever!

2. My Aunt Elizabeth– took the time to email what looked like her entire contact list about Namibian Dreams, which has thus far resulted in two donations! She’s also been great about plugging us in on her Facebook, and has graciously agreed to attend our fundraiser at a crappy college bar this weekend, no matter how bad the house wine!

3. Matt Brown– has kept us up on his GChat status for like 2 weeks now, and spread the word to his girlfriend and coworker, both of whom donated! Way to go, Matt!

4. Erin Moran– one of my best friends from elementary school and someone who was seated in front of me in homeroom class all through middle school and high school! She sent out an email to all of her coworkers, and is taking a collection in her office all through this week, not to mention telling people about our fundraiser!

5. Lauren Thoman– she has been AWESOME about giving us great ideas, whether it be the FAQ or places we could take the girls once they get here.  She has also been plugging our site into every single one of her blog entries– YAY for Lauren!


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